Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Our Own Private Universe

Our Own Private Universe Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

If this book had a face, I wouldn't hesitate to punch it.

It has a few pros, like a POC character and not only that, a queer POC character. Another pro is the active seeking out of safe queer sex with the final pro is how sweet Aki's Dad handled Aki coming out to him as bisexual.

Other than that? There's a boatload of petty drama such as the characters constantly lying to each other and Aki even dumps her best friend because of her budding romantic relationship with Christa. WHO THE HELL EVEN DOES THAT? Your friendships can very well coexist along side your romantic relationships.

If they're not lying to each other, they're off screwing each other, or at least thinking about it. They even go as far to break into their host family's guest house in order to screw just because the power was terrible there and there wasn't much of a risk of being caught. There's quite a few non-explicit sex scenes, but they're worth mentioning if you're not looking for sex in your romance reads.

All in all I wanted to throw this book across the room on several occasions and I'm honestly so glad I persevered and as such it is DONE AND OUT OF MY LIFE.

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  1. ah ha that picture! I was so excited for you to read this book and tell me how it was because I've been trying to read diverse books. guess I will skip it.

  2. that picture is going to be famous for this book, i can FEEL IT. *laughs* Definitely skip it, i had some other books by the same author on my TBR shelf, but after reading reviews on those, only one made it as a "possibly read when you've got nothing left."


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