Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Book Tag

Standalone Book You Love 

I'm about to be completely honest right now and say I had to Google what the heckity heck a "standalone book" was and holy heck i actually read a lot of these.

One in particular that I read was And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and I read it solely because Aidan Turner was playing Lombard in a mini-series TV adaptation last year. I LOVED IT.

Dystopian Books You Love

Only books based in Dystopian that I've read to my knowledge thus far was The Hunger Games series, and yes, I loved it! Although, I think everyone and their poodle has read The Hunger Games by now.

A Book You Love That No One Else Does

I bet at least one person out there in the vast world of the Earth loves the same books that I do so homie isn't even going to play that.

Favourite Fictional Couple

From books? Goodness gracious, I've only since got back into reading books again so my list is going to be rather short as I pull some couples off the top of my head....

Norah / Luke [Under Rose-Tainted Skies]
Roiben / Kaye [Faerie Tales series]

Who Would Be Your Fictional Boyfriend/Girlfriend

So far? most of my fictional boyfriends/girlfriends have came from movies and video games. perhaps this'll be the year I find my book beau?

What Book Do You Read On Valentine’s Day

I started Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley. It's a romance read so I suppose it fits? :) It's also pretty slow going right now plot-wise, but i'm excited that there is a queer person of color character in it.

Shamelessly thieved from Paper Fury, Inc. 

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